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White Flowers


Customize your experience and get the most out of your photoshoot! Here you can add prints, additional services, cards, and video. The listed prices are starting ranges, this can vary based on your selection.

Blue and White Print


Pricing is per image, album, or calendar. This price can vary depending on the desired size. 

Canvas - $75

Metal Print - $130

Framed Print - $120

Printed Album - $75

Calendar - $33

Blank Envelopes


Pricing is per printed card, discounts can be applied to bulk orders. These will be limited to 2 design revisions. 

Digital Business Card Design:


Announcements, Invitations, "Thank You", Seasonal, & Holiday Greetings:


Video Camera


Pricing is dependent on the clients desired outcome. This will include a consultation to discuss the video outcome.

Slide Show - $50

Social Media Reel - $80

Montage - $150

Drone Footage - $80

Adult Students

Additional Services

Retouch - Digital retouch of skin, hair, face swap, or background elements

Single Image - $15

Full Gallery - $120

Next Day - $300

Within 5 Days - $120

 30 min - $25

1 hr - $40

Consultation - Additional help for location selection, style planning, concept designing, etc... 

Rush Edit - Galleries will be returned within 2 weeks, if desired they can be returned sooner.

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